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The history of the Princely House Musawi, a branch of the noble Hashemite family, is deeply rooted in the northern part of Iran and the area around The Caspian Sea where the family since the beginning of the 12th century became Emirs of the Principality of Gaskar which at times covered half of Gilans coastal line. Since 1257 the family has been trading local luxury goods. It is through these ties to the local community that Musawi Caviar has an unique capability of finding the best producers of the finest sustainable caviar from the birth place of caviar.

It was therefore a continuation of an old tradition when Musawi Caviar was established in the beginning of 2019 by the Danish branch of the House of Musawi. The team behind the brand also have years of experience with Iranian luxury products before they decided to continue their work under the family name. A tradition was started by Sayed Sharafshah Musawi in 1257 and now, more than 750 years later, the tradition is nurtured as much as ever. The House of Musawi has been purveyor of the dreams of the Persian Principality of Gaskar since 1257. That will continue for centuries to come.


Caviar is known as an exquisite food and it is perhaps one of the oldest delicates. In the 1300 century Edward II even proclaimed the sturgeon to be a royal fish. Still it was first in the 1500 century that caviar started to spread amongst European royal houses and noble families. Before that it was only Iran (Persia) and Russia who had access to the Caspian Sea and thereby the best caviar. In 2006 the CITES convention prohibited the trading of wild caviar. That would prove to be a big game changer in the caviar marked.

Since then only certified farmed caviar has been CITES. Before caviar would normally come from Iran and Russia but today a great part is produced in Eastern Europe and China. Many do not have access to CITES approved caviar from the Caspian Sea and therefore have to choose caviar that they often are not aware of the origins of. That is slowly changing and many connoisseurs known that the Caspian Sea caviar and in particular the Iranian caviar has special qualities that is worth the wait.


At Musawi Caviar we deliver sustainable CITES approved Beluga caviar from ethical manufacturers, picked and packed in Iran under modern and certified standards. We are in particular focused on the king of caviar, the Beluga. Our caviar is sourced from caviar farms a few hundred meters from the Caspian Sea with water pumping in from there. This is the closest we can get to the original wild Caspian Sea Beluga Caviar. We also deliver Baerii, Oscietra and Gold from the best suppliers from around the world.

At the caviar farms the caviar is extracted from the sturgeon and processed into the finest caviar. Attention to detail is key and the newest technology is used to makes sure the quality is right. The caviar must not be extracted too early. When it is extracted it is important that it gets the right amount of salt. Too much salt will ruin the quality while the caviar matures too early if it has too little. After the caviar has been mixed with the exact amount of salt it still matures. It is here the caviars individual character becomes obvious.

At Musawi Caviar we want our customers to get a bespoke experience. Therefore we do not stock product but only deliver the exact caviar wishes for by the customer. This includes preferences in amounts of salt, time of maturity etc. We are always happy to help you order the correct caviar for your situation.

Love for tradition

Caviar creates connections and transforms conversations with its mystical and explosive tasting experience. The Shahs of Iran and the Tsars of Russia enjoyed this prestigious delicacy that has always been the ultimate enjoyment for the few. Caviar differs from many other delicacies by being produces for enjoyment – not to be looked at or to be stored in a cellar.

The moment caviar is served the atmosphere is changed. A happy joy is experienced amongst the guest. Caviar has a tendency to bring out the best in people. Fine caviar needs no accessories. Just a mother of pearl spoon and good company.


Years of research

After years of research the art of farming sustainable and ethical sturgeons has now been mastered. This contributes to the conservation of this majestic but extremely rare fish.

The depth

The depth of the taste and the quality of our caviar bears witness of the selection of the ideal sturgeon, which is handled by our experienced and qualified supplier.

The finest caviar is selected

Our team visits our supplier and their production facilities on a regular basis. Thereby we are able to make sure that only the finest caviar is selected and still balances with the wellbeing of the sturgeon. Our primary target is that the sturgeon is farmed in an environment that is as close to their natural habitat as possible. These farms live up to the highest standard for the sturgeon’s wellbeing as well as respecting the environment.

CITES certified

The caviar is analysed and packed at ultramodern aquaculture laboratories that complies to the strict requirements of EU. We only work with suppliers who are licensed in according to the CITES convention.


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